Last Day in Vienna

Our last full day abroad was spent in Vienna. We started the day a little later than usual before we visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (The Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna).

The museum has thousands of artifacts. Pottery, figurines, paintings, coins, jewelry, and even a couple of mummies are just a few of the objects found in the collection of the Kunsthistorisches. By far the most intriguing object I discovered within the walls of the museum was an ancient Egyptian mummified Nile crocodile.

After spending the morning in the museum, we used our free time to grab lunch and spent some time shopping on Mariahilfer Straße within the famous shopping district of Vienna.

Families with children and dogs dotted the sidewalks while street performers filled the street with music. Shops of all kinds lined the street, from an H&M to locally-owned souvenir shops to restaurants and gelato stands. After our free time, we took a short bus ride to visit a vineyard on the outskirts of the city. The whole city can be seen from an overlook above the vineyard.

A long and steep walk lead us to the fields of the vineyard and a wine-tasting area.

We finished off the evening with a buffet-style dinner in an outdoor courtyard. After one last jam session with DJ Flavia and a few bittersweet goodbyes, we arrived at the hotel to pack our bags for the flight home.

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