Vienna waits for you

  • Today was the last full day we had in Europe. We definitely ended the trip on a super good note. We got to sleep in later today than any other day, which was awesome. We went to the Vienna Art Museum to start the day. I’m not the biggest art guy, but the museum was inspiring. There were so many different types of art, including pottery, Spanish paintings, Italian paintings, and many others. In my opinion, the best part of the museum was the Egyptian room, where we were able to see tombs and other artifacts. The museum was having a special showing of Rothko, which was really cool.

  • We had a lot of free time today, and the group split up to do last minute souvenir shopping or see the museums suggested by our tour guides. My friends and I went to an area near the palace called the People’s Garden. They had a lot of different flowers and bushes that I haven’t seen before. The scenery was beautiful and gave us a chance to relax from all the walking and view the beauty of Austria. The best flowers we saw were a mixture between a yellow and orange flower. The weather was great for us also. It was around 75 for the high, and the sun was shining with no clouds at all. The past few days have had sporadic rainstorms so the sunny day was a nice change for our last true day in Europe.

  • Octavian, one of our guides, set up an additional excursion for the group and brought us to a vineyard. We were able to sit and sip wine and socialize with the group while observing the beautiful countryside. The vineyards stretched for miles and it was a peaceful way to begin the night. The vineyard was located in a small village right outside Vienna. Our dinner restaurant was located in the same area. The dinner was buffet style and we were able to eat outside and enjoy the pretty weather. Everyone talked and laughed in the open air. Dinner was the perfect end to our trip and gave us a chance to reminisce on all the memories from this trip. I really enjoyed this trip, and I’m sad to be leaving, but excited to finally be able to catch up on sleep.

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