A Day in Vienna

Today was our first full day in Vienna, Austria.  This day began with a driving tour around the city to some of its most well-known sites led by an enthusiastic local guide who was full of jokes.  The first stop on the tour was The Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment building known for its interesting and abstract… Read More A Day in Vienna


The brisk, damp weather that marked our trip to Bratislava served as a reminder of the harsh history the area had endured. Over its history, Slovakia has been occupied by countless potentates. This was made clear to us through the variegated styles of architecture that shaped the landscape of the city. In a single glance,… Read More Bratislava/Vienna

Hero Day

From the morning, we went to the hero’s square. There are so many statues. I was obsessed with seven men who are riding on the horse. It’s represented the hero’s. Each statue had their names, but people found there were lots of mistakes. So no one knows exactly who they were. The architectural design is… Read More Hero Day

Budapest 5/29

Where to even begin! Our second full day in Budapest was full of eye-opening experiences and jaw-dropping history. After beginning our day at Heroes Square, where statues of the seven Chiefdoms that founded Hungary stood amongst those of other Kings and Conquerers, we visited the House of Terror. During both the Nazi and Soviet occupation… Read More Budapest 5/29