The Journey Home

Photo from airplane, June 2nd 2019

A bittersweet feeling lingers in the air, weighing down our bodies as we make our final trek back home. We are all undoubtedly eager to be able to sleep in late in our own beds, but it’s hard to believe we won’t be leaving bright and early the next morning to go explore another interesting part of the world. This experience was surreal, dreamlike – and now we are slowly awakening from our haze to rejoin the reality of our lives. While I can’t speak for everyone, I can confidently claim that our study abroad trip was one of the major highlights of my life, almost too good to be true.

Budapest, May 28th 2019

Constantly throughout our trip, we were constantly questioned about our favorite place so far. I tried to carefully evaluate each aspect of the different cities we went through, weighing each category differently to try to come up with some definite response. However, I fell in love with every single place we visited. From the combination of modern life and remnants of the Cold War in Berlin, to the castle district in Prague, the food in Krakow, and the architecture in Budapest. It was impossible to choose just one city that I could assuredly say “This one is the best.” Despite that, there is one thing in particular that I can point to that I believe was the most memorable part – that being, the people. Not only did we form bonds with our classmates, but we were also given the opportunity to bond with locals from each place we visited. I couldn’t help to admire the reserved attitudes of those in Berlin, or how the people in Prague didn’t hesitate to start a conga line with us at a restaurant. Many of our local tour guides stood out as well, welcoming us with open arms and excited to share their history with a group of American students.

Group of Ed Sheerans singing in Prague

While the places were stunning and beautiful, it was the people involved who made the experience outstanding. The faculty members, students and friends, tour guides, and natives all brought these grand cities to life.

Bus 1

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