Last Day: A Final Reflection

At 4:20 AM, all of the students had to wake up after a (hopefully) early night. We grabbed our plastic bags of free food for the trip and made our way to where this trip began: the airport. That’s also where we said a heartfelt goodbye to our tour guide, Octavian, whom we could rely on for useful information and funny remarks throughout the entirety of the trip. He was also a great photographer when we needed him to be, as you can see.

After saying our goodbyes, we continued to the security checkpoints. My backpack, along with a few other students’, had been picked out of the bunch for a few extra minutes. Some of us were even too tired to think of where we were going when asked by the passport control officers. Regardless, we were all excited to get home and wouldn’t let a little airport inconvenience and sleepiness deter us.

With flying comes layovers, and with layovers comes time for us to reflect. We saw many beautiful views in Europe as you can see here. However, I personally spent much of my time reflecting not necessarily on the Cold War or amazing things we witnessed in Europe, but the friendships that we’ve all made. Whenever I first joined the honors college at A-State I thought I would never fit in with any of the other honors students, but this trip proved me and anyone else who may have felt the same way about themselves wrong. On this trip I saw people hanging out in restaurants and bars who would have never talked to each other if not for this program. Therefore, that’s what I took away from today and the whole study abroad in general. Traveling, no matter if it’s with those who you’ve never met or you’re already friends with, brings people closer together.

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