The day started with a stop in Hundertwasser Village which was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1991. Hundertwasser’s architectural style favored curved lines, bright tiles, and spontaneous vegetation. The first picture captures a glimpse of the Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment building that was completed in 1985. Each of the apartments are a different color with patches of tile randomly placed on the outside. In the second picture from Hundertwasser Village you can see that even the stairs are not flat across but instead the middle of each step is slightly dipped. This architectural style is different than any I have seen before. Being surrounded by buildings and streets that were created with curved lines, bright colors, and vegetation displayed an atypical beauty that you won’t find in other areas. It was fascinating to see how these unusual elements worked together to create such an eye-catching and beautiful space.

Our next stop was at the Schönbrunn Palace. In the 1700s this palace served as the summer residence of the Habsburg family who ruled Austria from 1438 to the early 1700s. Behind the palace are the gardens complete with vibrant vegetation, fountains, and even a maze. The gardens were my favorite part of the palace as they were so full of color and life.

Our day ended with a show at the Spanish Riding School in the city where we also saw performances by the Vienna Boys Choir. Although no pictures could be taken during the show, it was an experience unlike any I have had before. The talent amongst the young boys in the choir was absolutely astounding, they were by far my favorite part of the show.

As tomorrow is our last day in Vienna, Austria I have been reflecting on the experiences I have had on this trip, all of them memories I will never forget. It is almost unreal how quickly the past two weeks have flown by but I could not be more grateful for the Honors College providing me this opportunity to travel to Europe to experience these cultures firsthand.

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