Day 2 in Vienna Kelly Lee

My May 31, 2019 was spent wondering throughout the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria and exploring all of its elegance. Today was one of the most eventful days of our trip so far, and I gained an immense amount of knowledge concerning the rich history of this renowned city. The first adventure I took part in was a hop on hop off bus tour. As we passed the canal, we learned that in summer the canal is a popular spot for swimming and sun bathing. Visitors and locals can swim on the floating pool during their lunch break and drink cocktails. This pool is said to be “the only part where the Danube is actually blue.” I found it interesting that Graffiti is actually allowed here as long as artists use the walls by the canal. This expression is encouraged because it aids in promoting a lively and youthful atmosphere. To also add new artistic touches to Vienna, Friedensreich Hundrrtwasser was given the opportunity of designing some of the city’s most famous architecture strictly according to his ideas. Friedensreich Hundrrtwasser’s principles included:

1. no straight lines because they “come from hell,” even on the grounds and hallways.

2. lots of trees should be living in the buildings.

3. right of window: everyone has the freedom to decorate as far as they can reach from their windows.

During the tour we passed many historical structures that possess many unique historical and cultural identities. The Museum and University of Applied Arts is a beautiful elongated brick building that stores 200 year old carpets and hand crafted antique furniture.

The Golden Monument in Vienna is the most photographed monument in the world.

The Russian Monument was built to commemorate the Russian soldier’s lives that were lost in the war fighting for Vienna.

The Grand Hotel Wien was a popular spot that housed many famous people during their trips to Vienna such as President Kennedy, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and the Queen.

The State Opera was the first building created on the Ring Road. It was compared to a sunken box and a digesting elephant. It was heavily critiqued and insulted by the people and journalists of Vienna, but now it is one of the most renowned opera houses in the world. It is able to put on a different opera every day which provides visitors with much variety.

The Schobrunn Palace was by far the most breathtaking building. It was the home of the Hapsburger family. Maria Theresia ruled over the home and made many reforms during her reign. Her son’s (Joseph II) reforms, however, were not agreed upon by the towns people and were short lived to prevent revolution. The palace has beautiful gardens around back that we walked through and heavily photographed.

Next, we took a bike tour of the city where we travelled over the river for about six miles and saw the city sky line from afar. We learned that the UN meets in a tall sky scraper that you can see off the coast of the small Island of Vienna.

We then attended The Vienna boy’s Choir in the evening and witnessed the amazing vocals and talent precedented by hundreds of years of performances. The horse show was lively and entertaining, and it gave us all a feel of the pompous lifestyle of the royals. Overall, I had the best experience in this beautiful city. It’s so much more than i ever dreamed.

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